Allen & Heath dLive Checks All Boxes for Eastbrook Church

Milwaukee, WI — Sven Pro recently completed a multi-phase audio upgrade at one of the larger churches in the city, Eastbrook Church, with a comprehensive Allen & Heath dLive solution.

Eastbrook Church is a large multi-cultural church and kindergarten-grade 12 school on the northeast side of Milwaukee. It is a busy campus with not only many church events but school-hosted assemblies and concerts.

Brady Garrison (pictured left), chief systems integrator of Sven Pro was tasked with finding a solution for the church’s need for a digital sound board that could handle multiple stages’ sound systems, integrates seamlessly with a personal monitoring system, ability to interface with current and future audio networking protocols, high number of high-quality microphone preamps and effects, and easy to use for volunteer operation. When Sven Pro and the church began looking for possible solutions, there were plenty of high-quality products available in the market but none could accomplish all of the aforementioned requirements. The church was very close to purchasing another solution when Allen & Heath released the dLive. Immediately, it was evident that the dLive would fit all the requirements for Eastbrook Church.

An added feature of the dLive system was the seamless integration with Allen & Heath’s ME-1 personal monitoring system. The church had used one of the original personal monitoring systems on the market and was unsatisfied with the sound quality and the limitation to sixteen channels. Eastbrook Church wanted to upgrade their personal monitoring system to something that could handle near to forty-eight channels. The ME-1 system integrates directly with the dLive through routing and naming being pushed from the console in real-time to the ME-1 interfaces.

The dLive also provides the necessary quality enhancements for the present higher-quality d&b audiotechnik sound systems for both stages. With a growing internal effects and dynamics library, the tools available to both visiting and in-house sound engineers are increasing. In addition, the digital stage boxes allow for multiple locations for inputs and outputs both analog and digital. The dLive system checked all the boxes for Eastbrook Church.

Eastbrook Church purchased an Allen & Heath S5000 surface, one DX32 with 4 input modules and one DM48 with a Dante card to connect to their broadcast studio. Along with the mixing system, the church purchased sixteen ME-1 personal monitoring mixers for use with their Sennheiser 2000 series wireless in ear systems. The system is all connected together using cat6 cabling and audio is output digital AES/EBU from the mixing system to the d&b audiotechnik amplifiers in 96K. Shortly after purchasing the mixing system, Curtis McKusick (pictured right) was hired by Eastbrook Church to fill the Production Director role. Brady worked with Curtis, providing full training and support. Due to the intuitive interface of the dLive system, Curtis was able to learn the operating system very quickly.