Eastbrook Church completes Campus-Wide Audio Upgrade with D&B Audiotechnik

Milwaukee, WI—Sven Pro recently completed a major campus-wide audio upgrade centering around D&B Audiotechnik speaker systems at Eastbrook Church. Four different small to large venues were upgraded with a wide variety of products.

The largest venue upgraded was the church’s main worship space known as the “Worship Hall”. The old sound system was failing and was improperly designed, causing many electrical and reliability issues. The old speakers were mounted on large uni-strut beams that made the room look small. The system was also added to and adjusted over the years giving way to a confusing mess of equipment. In addition, the church is very wide and has tall ceilings bringing in reverb time to around 2 seconds. Sven Pro designed a dynamic sound system centering around just a handful of D&B Audiotechnik Q-series speakers and D12 amplifiers using D&B Audiotechnik’s ArrayCalc modeling program. Because of the capabilities of the Q10 speakers, only three were needed to cover the all of the floor sections. Two QSUBs were flown in the center to provide even bass for the entire room and two 8S speakers were mounted for upper balcony fill. All speakers were mounted directly to the building, enabling the large uni-strut beams to be removed. All the speakers are powered by three D12 amplifiers providing EQ, limiting and delay for the system. This design enabled Sven Pro to be considerably less costly than other competitors while still providing touring-grade equipment capable of concert-level volume without limiting. Highly directional and consistent in coverage, the Q10 and QSUB were the perfect fit for the room. The speakers are configured so that wherever one is standing and hearing two of the three speakers, which is the majority of the space, one would get stereo sound. In addition, two MAX 12 monitors were flown for stage monitoring for the choir, which sings biweekly. Aesthetics were greatly improved through the removal of the old uni-strut beams and the speakers being mounted and flown as high as possible. Additional upgrades to the sound system were a complete wireless microphone overhaul with 10 channels of Sennheiser 2000 series and an addition to their present Aviom system with 6 channels of Sennheiser 2000 series wireless in ear monitoring systems.

Another venue upgraded was a multipurpose gym that was plagued with a acoustical problems since it opened. The church and school leadership considered adding major acoustical treatment to the room to reduce the echo but Sven Pro encouraged them to wait until the sound system was addressed.  We suggested two highly directional speakers pointing across the room to avoid reverberation off the walls. D&B Audiotechnik’s product line was the clear choice due to its superb sound and directionality using minimal power. The system would be used not only for speech but for live music youth nights and recorded dance and rap music at basketball games. After running D&B’s ArrayCalc software to predict coverage and SPL levels in the room, the perfect solution was a pair of D&B Audiotechnik E12 speakers mounted horizontally at precise angles powered by a single D&B Audiotechnik D6 amplifier. This design ensured the speakers’ dispersion pattern was not hitting any of the walls and was only directed to the floor and bleachers. After Sven Pro demonstrated the proposed D&B system to church leadership in the room, the choice was clear and immediately that week the old system began to be dismantled. Sven Pro worked with the church to trade-in their existing, obsolete system. The trade-in had enough value that the client didn’t spend any money on the new D&B system. The system was installed by Brady Garrison and tuned using D&B’s remote software to reduce the reverberation even further. The end result was stunning. Not only did the new system sound better fulfilling the first goal, but also was much easier to use.  A Behringer X32 RACK rack-mounted mixer with the ability to be controlled wirelessly via an iPad is installed in the rack. For ease of use, an Apple Airport Express is used as an input for wireless music playback and two Sennheiser EW135G3 microphones are available as well as various Sennheiser wired microphones. This approach allows the system to be controlled and used wirelessly and remotely from the equipment rack from anywhere in the room.

Another venue upgraded was a multipurpose hall used for primarily church meals and large roundtable events. Like the multipurpose gym, the sound system was inadequate for the room and was poorly designed. An abundance of speakers all pointing inward caused feedback from microphones. Like the gym, Sven Pro took the approach of less is better. An audio system with D&B Audiotechnik E8 speakers powered by a D6 amplifier greatly enhanced the sound quality. An Allen & Heath MixWizard 16:2DX controls the various inputs into the system which include Sennheiser EW135G3 wireless systems, E835 wired microphones and multiple auxiliary sources. There is an increased amount of headroom and with the built-in protection in the amplifier, the speakers are protected against abuse. Often listeners wonder if there are subwoofers present in the room because of the range of the E8’s but in fact bass was tuned out of the system during installation.

Another venue upgraded was the church’s coffee shop, Holy Grounds which serves commuters, the community, Eastbrook Academy students, teachers, and churchgoers. The coffee shop is used for live acoustic performances, but its basic, low-quality sound system elicited complaints for inconsistent coverage and a lack of clarity. The church was looking for a durable, high-quality yet unobtrusive sound system for higher-volume and more bass-heavy open mic nights and turned to Sven Pro for a reasonably-priced solution.

Sven Pro provided a D&B Audiotechnik E series sound system consisting of two E3 speakers, one E12-SUB subwoofer and three E-PAC V3 amplifiers. The system was tuned using d&b’s internal equalization and delay in the amplifiers. It also relies upon an Allen & Heath MixWizard2 16:2 and Sennheiser vocal microphones for the acoustical acts. The church has credited Sven Pro Sound for providing a system that literally disappears in the rafters yet has plenty of volume and power to fill the entire space with clean, clear sound. They have never once run into the limiters on the amplifiers.

Sven Pro has received countless compliments from professional engineers, church members and musicians on each of the sound systems. We regularly demoes all four sound systems and every time the listener is blown away by the clarity, power and accuracy of the sound from each audio system.