Sven Pro provides d&b audiotechnik gear for largest Green Lake, WI conference

Milwaukee, WI--every year over one thousand college students descend on Green Lake, WI for a large annual college-age Christian conference. This conference is also the largest the Green Lake Conference Center hosts. For the past few years, the conference has consistently reached the capacity of the conference center even after spinning off some of the portions of the region into other conferences. The conference gathers students from all over Wisconsin to learn more about their faith, meet other students from other colleges and grow closer to students from their school. The technical production of the conference is directed toward the large sessions where the entire conference gathers for contemporary praise and worship music and rich multimedia presentations.

For the past few years, the organization had relied on other providers for sound. After trying two different providers, the sound system was still not up to par with what the conference organizers wanted. For 2013, they contacted Sven Pro to submit a bid. Sven Pro specified a d&b audiotechnik Q1/Q-SUB line array run in stereo configuration with 3 Q1 and 2 Q-SUB per side and E8 for front fill. The entire system was run off of only 3 d&b audiotechnik D12 amplifiers. The organizers specifically requested an Allen & Heath GLD80 due to its ability for easy Aviom integration. Aviom modules were used for stage monitoring, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica and Audix microphones, and Radial direct boxes rounded out the system.

Sven Pro's price and value was very competitive and the organizers selected them for the event.
At the venue, the sound system was set up and flown on Genie Super Towers in record time--hours faster than previous years. When the sound system was first turned on for tuning to the room, the organizer's tech team was blown away by the clarity, neutrality and power of the sound. The system needed very little adjustments and it was ready to rock. The sound system performed reliably and consistent throughout the weekend. The tech team tested the limits of the sound system during a dance party that is held Saturday night for students. Despite hitting high decibel levels over 100 feet away, the system remained clear, neutral and loud. The tech team was sold and the 2014 conference will once again have a d&b audiotechnik Q1/Q-SUB sound system.