Sven Pro Upgrades Church Coffee Shop Venue with d&b audiotechnik Gear

MILWAUKEE, WI — Sven Pro gave the Holy Grounds coffee shop, a full-service coffee shop on the Eastbrook Church campus here, a major sound makeover with pre-owned d&b audiotechnik gear. The setup includes two E3 speakers, one E12-SUB subwoofer and three E-PAC V3 amplifiers.

Holy Grounds serves commuters, the community, Eastbrook Academy students, teachers, and churchgoers. The coffee shop was used for live acoustic performances, but its basic, low-quality sound system elicited complaints for inconsistent coverage and a lack of clarity.

The church was looking for a durable, high-quality yet unobtrusive sound system for higher-volume and more bass-heavy open mic nights and turned to Sven Pro for a reasonably-priced solution.

Sven Pro provided a pre-owned d&b audiotechnik E series sound system consisting of two E3 speakers, one E12-SUB subwoofer and three E-PAC V3 amplifiers. The system was tuned using d&b’s internal equalization and delay in the amplifiers. The system also relies upon an Allen & Heath MixWizard2 16:2 and Sennheiser vocal microphones for the acoustical acts.

The church has credited Sven Pro for providing a system that literally disappears in the rafters yet has plenty of volume and power to fill the entire space with clean, clear sound. They have never once run into the limiters on the amplifiers.