Sven Pro Installs a Dynamic Kling & Freitag System at the New Liars' Club

Burlington, WI — Sven Pro designed and installed a dynamic Kling & Freitag sound system at the new Liar’s Club bar, lounge and event space featuring Sona 5 speakers that virtually disappear throughout the space.

The Liars’ Club is an upstairs, exclusive bar and event space, located directly above The Coffee House at Chestnut & Pine. The Coffee House hosts an open mic night every week and live music on the weekends, using a sound system also installed by Sven Pro.

A high-quality sound system was very important for the planners of the Liars’ Club. The Kling & Freitag Sona 5 speakers have an elegant design that helps them become a part of the room they occupy. Beyond looks, the speakers sound fantastic, delivering a full and clear representation of the recorded music playing in the lounge. The speakers have outstanding directivity, stability, and are perfect for medium range listening distances. 

Sven Pro also installed a Russound zone controller amplifier streamer, which allows for simple connectivity via an Apple iPad and built-in music streaming capabilities directed at commercial background and foreground music applications.

“The performance of the Kling & Freitag Sona 5 coupled with the Russound system is extraordinary. Not only were we able to achieve consistent background music throughout the venue, but we were also able to maintain the aesthetics of this beautiful venue,” says Sven Pro Operations Manager, Brady Garrison.

Kling & Freitag is a German manufacturer, and Sven Pro has been extremely pleased to work with their systems. A part of Kling & Freitag’s mission is to “Balance passion with precision for uncompromising audio quality” and Sven Pro agrees with this statement. Sven Pro is the only Kling & Freitag provider in the United States, and plans to continue recommending and installing as many products as they fit each application.

Clearly in today’s age, a new bar venue absolutely requires a great speaker system to provide entertainment to the guests. Sven Pro has consistently determined the best solutions for businesses like The Liars’ Club.

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