Kling & Freitag Chosen Again for Epikos Church

Milwaukee, WI – Sven Pro installs Kling & Freitag speakers, subwoofers and amplifier at a second location of a growing contemporary church.

Epikos Church began in 2005 and has been continually growing throughout Milwaukee. They provide weekly worship services, complete with a full sermon at each location. Epikos Church has three locations of which the north side location also has a sizeable Kling & Freitag system. This location is a historic building where Epikos Church launched over twelve years ago and they have continued to host regular weekly services there.

As Epikos Church congregations continue to grow, so was the need for high-quality audiovisual technology at each location to provide the best experience to church-goers. The initial system in the church was bulky, stood out in front of the stage, and ultimately did not encompass a full-sounding replication of the quality of stage instruments and voices. Furthermore, the amplifiers to power the speakers were excessive, lacked any sort of tuning capabilities and added cumbersome wiring.

Sven Pro began working with Epikos Church to discover a replacement audio system that is aesthetically-pleasing, easy to manage, and produces a sound-quality greatly superior to the initial system. The Sven Pro solution includes two Kling & Freitag Gravis 12+N full-range 12” speakers and two Kling & Freitag NOMOS XLS 18” subwoofers. The Gravis series speakers are known to provide maximum performance at the lightest weight possible. They provide a “neutral and natural sound that replicate the highest quality standards in reproduction of sound”. The NOMOS series subwoofers achieve a substantial deep, low-end reproduction, with a sleek and high-performance design. Powering the entire system is a single Kling & Freitag D 80:4L, effortlessly providing ample power and Lake DSP specific to Kling & Freitag. The system as a whole integrates perfectly into the church building.

Sven Pro Operations Manager, Brady Garrison, notes that “This system provides seamless coverage throughout the entire space while also only needing to be driven by a single four-channel amplifier. With the Kling & Freitag system, we were not only able to maintain the aesthetics of the beautiful building, we were also able to provide Epikos with a system that will deliver the output, coverage, and a clarity that their contemporary worship style demands”.