We believe that with the right equipment and expertise, any production or installation of any size can sound amazing. This mindset has led us to choose and offer the most advanced technological tools and best performing equipment available for production and integration at a reasonable price.

Sven Pro started in 2007 with the mission of providing professional quality audio, video and lighting equipment and expertise for temporary productions. We found that Milwaukee lacks in top of the line professional equipment providers with reasonable pricing, and we wanted to fill that void. 

In 2012, we discovered that our partners wanted the same quality professional audio, lighting and video as seen in Sven Pro productions, to be installed permanently in their venues. More and more commercial environments such as hotels, bars, and restaurants are requiring that same quality and cutting-edge technology that is found in production venues. 

Today, we serve our clients nationally across the entire Midwest and East Coast based out of our Milwaukee, Lexington and Brooklyn offices. Most of our equipment isn’t available at your local music store and is professional rider quality. Through industry events and on-site manufacturer demonstrations, we are constantly staying aware of the latest and greatest in audiovisual technology.

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